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K-FLEX K-FONIK OPEN CELL is an open cells Flexible Elastomeric Foam
  • Published in ENERGO


K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA is a coating created specifically for protection of thermal insulation materials against exposure to atmospheric precipitations, aggressive environments, mechanical damages.

K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA is a fireproof mineralized polymer. The base of the material is a thermoplastic ethylene polymer which restores its structure even at repeated heating and contains nonorganic additives improving its fire safety.

The material is created in the laboratory of our production plant in Italy. K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA was developed as a unique material resistant to any mechanical and chemical action. Specifically for the Russian climate, we created two different versions: northern and southern ones.

The need for a new K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA coating is associated with the following:
strict requirements to the safety and quality of materials used in oil and gas production and distribution facilities;
severe climatic conditions in which thermal insulation materials are employed;
improving of fire safety at chemical plants and reduction of metal surfaces in order to prevent spark producing;
problems related to chemical resistance of traditional coatings used in thermal insulation;
- facilitation of coating application on complicated surfaces;
apparent increase of the coating service life in comparison with traditional materials.

K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA is notable for its wide range of climatic service conditions and for its specific thermoplastic properties.

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